Twin Cities Business: The Softer Side of Commercial Real Estate

Monarch CRE was featured in the TCBMag.com April/May edition, highlighting our clients’ experience using Belonging Barometer (B2).

"Monarch considered everything from how close people want to site to each other to hangout space, a lounge area, and a cafeteria."
Derek Buschow
VP Growth & Strategy, Arux Software

We love helping businesses find where they belong. Why not take our free Belonging Barometer today?


Belonging Barometer

The Belonging Barometer (B2) - our proprietary diagnostic tool - creates a customized report delving into your entire business. Going far beyond square footage and price, we help you discover what will support growth and goals. With just a 5 minute investment of time, you'll learn the best environment, employee composition, workflow, culture, neighborhood, wellness, and more to make your business home - and your business - a success.

Our Belonging Barometer shows where your business belongs and what you and your employees need to succeed. 

Takes just 5 minutes!

Find your path to success with our Belonging Barometer. The multiple choice form takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
Takes just 5 minutes!