Belonging Barometer

The Belonging Barometer (B2) – our proprietary diagnostic tool – creates a customized report delving into your entire business. Going far beyond square footage and price, we help you discover what will support growth and goals. With just a 5 minute investment of time, you’ll learn the best environment, employee composition, workflow, culture, neighborhood, wellness, and more to make your business home – and your business – a success.

Our Belonging Barometer shows where your business belongs and what you and your employees need to succeed. 

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Find your path to success with our Belonging Barometer. The multiple choice form takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
Takes just 5 minutes!

Belonging Barometer

Why did we build B2?

Working at a big firm we always felt frustrated that we couldn’t qualitatively understand what it took to be a successful workplace outside of the lease terms. We believe there is so much that goes into a successful work environment besides square footage at a price point for a certain amount of time. Other realtors don’t have the time or the process to take this approach which is why we created Monarch and these tools.

Our Belonging Barometer asks many questions about the factors that you should be considering – many of which you may not – and then generating a report. It’s mental well-being. It’s planetary well-being. Even physical well-being. It’s green spaces. Commute time. Hybrid versus in-person. All of these things are going into the formula that creates success in a workplace.

The report helps us all start at the same exact point. It takes out the guessing.
Our favorite part is showing our clients the results. It really helps them understand the big picture and finally find out where they belong.

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Monarch CRE Belonging Barometer Assessment Report

So what happens when I take the B2 assessment?

We take the information you entrust with us and generate a report that is unique in the industry – providing you an in-depth look at your current business needs, future trends and a comprehensive look at how to create a business setting that furthers your business goals.

Designated sections of the report cover subjects such as:

  • Well-Being
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Technology

With an investment of just a few minutes, you will receive a 6-7 page report that incorporates your company’s details and layers on insight you may not have had before. Callouts through the report provide data helping businesses understand what’s out there and how to leverage it to their advantage.

If you’re interested in further insights, we can review the report with you and help find where you belong with the business-focused, human-centric perspective B2 reveals.

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