If you’re sitting in your home office wondering whether we’ll ever go back to business as usual, you’re not alone. The conversation is hot right now and viewpoints run the spectrum. So we’ve rounded up some recent articles on the topic to share with you here.


Our top consideration in making this decision is how are we enhancing the employee experience?

To that end, here are 5 critical success factors to examine:

  • COLLABORATION. Though industry giants Google and Facebook were among the first to author work-from-home policies, they’ve also been the first to reignite corporate expansion plans. So, what gives? In-Office Collaboration is a key component of their success and they are building it into future plans, despite the pandemic.
    How are you poised to facilitate employee collaboration?
  • RESILIENCY. It’s also worth noting generation differences in dealing with work-from-home conditions. Per Blue Cross Blue Shield, working from home leaves millennials feeling less connected and more stressed than other generations.
    How is working-from-home affecting your particular employees?
  • ENGAGEMENT. According to Gallup’s recent study of 150+ HR executives, Mission + Purpose rate as the highest drivers of employee engagement. Bringing people together around a common goal – or crisis – aligns the organization and boosts productivity.
    How are you leveraging your mission to improve engagement + productivity?
  • HEALTH. Our friends at BlueZone’s know Purpose is not only good for business, but crucial to our health – even contributing to longer life span. Evaluate your purpose-drivers here.
    How are you tapping into employee purpose to support wellness among staff?
  • FLEXIBILITY. CBRE purchased the second largest co-working brand, Industrious, citing a recent survey which demonstrated strong trends favoring flexible office space. So, yes the office is changing – but in some ways it’s here to stay. How are you able to accommodate dynamic, changing needs?

Engaging in these conversations now makes it easier to ensure the right real estate plan when the time comes.

If you’ve got questions, we’d love to help. Reach out to us and let us know.

Brian + Ben
Monarch CRE