Companies used to get a lot of praise for recycling in the breakroom. Then it escalated to separating trash all over the building. To think that was being heroic! However, as concerns for our planet have only grown, so too has the pressure on companies to play its part. The conversation has gone way beyond recycling or even composting at the office. The real work has grown to whether employees should fly on planes instead of burning airplane fuel, should there be solar lighting, how much can the business be paperless? All these robust efforts can clearly make a difference, however, for many it is just so hard to know where to start. As soon as a business tries something, it seems the message is that it is never enough. That may very well be true, but we must be careful that the efforts towards sustainability don’t feel too daunting and that businesses don’t’ decide to do nothing. 

Let’s be clear, something is always better than nothing. We don’t believe the answer is to be all prescriptive with what exactly you need to do – nor would we ever want to shame a company for their efforts or lack of. We know it’s complicated. However, at Monarch we believe the place to start is by having conversations and we want to help. Do a true self report card as to how you are doing in various efforts. Then take a closer look at where you can make some efforts, what can be down the road, and what is too big of an undertaking. Just by talking about it you are doing something. And to help you get started, here following is Monarch’s top list of areas to explore:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart lighting
  • Minimize Travel
  • Maximize Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce waste
  • Switch to smart shipping
  • Surround yourself with sustainable partners
  • Save water 
  • Smart Temp Systems

Obviously, we’ve gone beyond recycling in the breakrooms… see where your conversations take you and eventually our planet.

Until next time,

Brian + Ben

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