At Monarch, we have really enjoyed the dialogues around the new office set up as the world defines a new way of working. We know that employees are not coming into the office like they used to, and we have come to accept that remote working options are here to stay. 

We will continue to help create new office settings that encourage employees to come to the office. At the same time, we want to help with some other new challenges that remote employees present – and ones that many do not think about until it’s too late.

Many businesses that grow and open offices in other cities/states are likely not surprised that it involves all new tax ramifications. Something all accountants know how to handle. However, are you aware that even if your business has never crossed state lines, but you now have remote employees that live out of state you are subject to new tax adjustments?

Here’s another one – what if you now allow for remote workers and one of your employees decides to move out of state? That too requires a call to your accountant. Even if you are now working on temporary jobs but they are being performed out of state, you have crossed state lines and likely without even realizing it.

At Monarch, we are really encouraging our clients to take the time to understand remote employees’ impact on more than just a new office design. You need to first figure out where your remote employees physically are and what that really means for you – and we think the time is now and not next April 15th

We know this blog isn’t as fun as talking about a new smoothie bar or employee benefit. However, we also know that many companies are not up to speed on some of the new impacts of remote employees and taxes and end up paying penalties and interest – and that is definitely not fun!

Until next time,

Brian + Ben

Monarch CRE

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