If you want your customers to feel like they truly belong, creating a unique experience is essential. 

We talk a lot about creating spaces where our clients and their employees really belong. We will continue to shed light as well as push the envelope on what it will take – even if that means dog beds for pets or healthy breakfast AND lunch for workers. But what about creating places and spaces where clients belong? 

Whether you run a professional services business or a retail franchise, Monarch has a lot of thoughts on making sure your customers feel like they belong in the same way as your employees.

While COVID taught employees that they could stay home and get the job done, when it came to clients, the pandemic has ultimately caused a yearning to get out from behind the screen and meet face to face. In other words, research shows that people want to get out! However, just because customers may want to visit your place of business, it does not mean all you have to do is lay out the “welcome mat”. Research also shows that customers are looking for a different experience in these interactions than pre-2020. 

What we know is that if you need to create just that – an experience – if you want your customers to feel like they truly belong. Ensuring that you provide a unique experience unlike other competitors is what it will take to get your customers and clients to want to come back. 

It is no longer just about efficiency but also those brick and mortar environments that can create a memorable experience. Those will be the ones to create spaces and places where their customers feel like they belong. 

Data shows that people are spending more money on experiences than items. For example – customers get more satisfaction spending money on a night out with friends at a restaurant than they do buying a new sweater. What does that mean for you and your place of business? 

If you want your clients to visit your place of business, then they need to have a memorable experience. We can learn a lot from retail…At Nike, you do more than buy a new tank top or pair of shoes. When you walk into their store, you do anything from paint a pair of shoes to create custom laces. KITH serves ice cream, Restoration Hardware has restaurants, Canada Goose has a freezer experience where you can test the jackets… and the list goes on. 

At Monarch, we would love to talk about how we can create more than just spaces and places for your customers, but experiences that will have them coming back for more. 

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​​Brian + Ben

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