Now that the pandemic is lifting, at Monarch we warn employers not to use the phrase, “Going back to work” – even if the physical offices are opening for the first time in a couple of years. 

Research shows that employees’ recollection of work and life balance pre-pandemic is pretty bad. In fact, in the beginning of 2020, Millennials were measuring the highest burnout rates they had ever experienced. COVID not only allowed many employees to catch their breath, but also allowed them to reinvent with their employers how work was going to get done. 

As the pandemic lifts, yes life will feel more normal again, but that does not mean we should all return to the same offices. Even if you have no plans of moving your physical space, at Monarch we believe that the office should still feel and operate in new ways. 

Data shows that we do not use offices efficiently. For example, the global average meeting room utilization is just 30%! And when meeting rooms are in use, only 40% of seats are occupied. What about private offices? They are typically unoccupied 77% of the workday. Could you repurpose your unused file room to be a Zoom room?  

Get creative… don’t go back, go forward. 

At a minimum, survey employees to ask what they are now looking for from their offices – and then see what changes you can make. 

Let us help you with our Belonging Barometer (B2).

Until next time,

​​Brian + Ben

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