One thing virtual meetings have allowed us to do is connect with anyone from anywhere at any time. This has changed the office landscape and as we continuously say, it needs to be a magnate and not a mandate. We have helped our clients look at everything from serving food to creating a workout facility to help get employees to show up face to face and not on screen. However, we want to take a step back and look beyond all those physical changes and additions to an office and look at the emotional component. We believe this alone gives good reason for the office to be a magnate – especially for the younger employees starting out in their careers. 

When we talk about the emotional component, we are referring to the connections we feel with people simply because we have been in the same room together. How connected do you really feel looking to a person who is 2” X 2” on your screen? Even more so, when you can hide your face or not even look at theirs because you’re busy sneaking a peek at your emails. 

Compare that to when you are sitting next to someone at a table who is now 5’-6’ and who you can touch. Do you not feel more connected to someone when you can experience first-hand their reactions to something? Literally see and even feel their physical reactions? Then there is the side conversation that takes place before or after the meeting. Perhaps you learned about a new hobby the person has taken up or a new restaurant you’ve wanted to try as well. Those types of conversations just don’t exist in the virtual world anymore. As soon as the work meeting is done, so is your virtual session. 

Let’s face it, we all hit “end meeting” as fast as we can in a virtual setting, and you just can’t hit a button and disappear from an in person meeting. Those side-lined conversations or just being in the same room should never be underestimated. It’s how most of us got any social capital and often learned about opportunities we wouldn’t have had we not shown up – and that we are not learning about virtually.  Or even the opposite of opportunity, it’s probably a lot harder to fire someone if you see them all the time vs. when they are only a postage stamp on your screen occasionally?

If you’re new at your career, trust us. Don’t make it so easy for someone to just “end meeting” and thus their potential connection to you and all that you offer. 

At Monarch we will continue to help our clients and scan the landscape for all things you can do to your office to make it that magnate we want it to be.  However, one thing is for sure, all the perks in the world won’t make up for just being there.

Until next time,

Brian + Ben

Monarch CRE

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