At Monarch, we talk a lot about community. From owners, to partners, to employees and interns, every business has its own very special internal community. But how often does your business play a role in the community outside of the office walls?

Building a culture of giving back at work is not only a way to better the community but can also create a happier workforce. A recent study by UnitedHealthcare reveals that 71 percent of employees who volunteer through work report feeling better about their employer. In addition, the mental and emotional benefits of volunteering are even greater, with 93 percent reporting an improved mood, 79 percent reporting lower stress levels and 88 percent reporting increased self-esteem by giving back. 

In addition, creating volunteer opportunities for employees is also a critical component for developing a culture that attracts younger employees. Studies show that new employees are frustrated that they don’t have the same amount of time to volunteer as they used to in high school or college where those activities were readily available and encouraged. As businesses continue to find new ways to retain and attract new talent, and establish a more purpose-driven and engaged workforce, they should consider how they can better incorporate volunteerism into their culture.

Giving back doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are many simple, low-cost ways your business can support the community. For example, as we drive around watching everything from t-ball games to tennis matches and parks with kids, dogs, and more, think of some ways to get involved. Can you sponsor one of those t-ball teams? Gather a team of employees to create a community garden? Or maybe have an employee volunteer park clean-up activity? More than just being the right thing to do for the neighborhoods in which we live and work, it says a lot about the business you are running.

It’s a double bang for the buck – create opportunities to give back and you can not only improve your local community but best of all, get a team of employees that is all the prouder to be involved.

Share with us ways in which you give back or get involved in your local community. We would love to hear from you!

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Brian + Ben

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