We are watching employers grapple with the new hybrid model as they figure out how best to use their office space. At Monarch we have preached that grappling with the new way of work is the way to go, rather than trying to go back to the way it was. As we have said many times, the goal is to make the office a magnate and not a mandate. 

We came across some fascinating research that sheds light not on just what to lean into – but even more so, when!

We’ve all heard the term “hump day” that refers to that Wednesday’s mark as the middle of the work week. Once you’ve made it through hump day, just a couple more to go until the weekend. However, as playful as this term has been… who would have ever thought that “hump day” would become more important than just signifying the middle of the work week? 

A survey found that the most popular day for employees to choose to go into the office – or want to go in is on Wednesdays. 

As simple as this sounds… if you’re going to create an experience that hopefully does indeed pull your team back into a physical office, it looks like “hump day” is your day. 

PS: For the record, second choice days were either Tuesday or Thursday. Looks like long weekends are here to stay!

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