With the hybrid work becoming the new norm, how can companies support their employees?

At Monarch we have been talking a lot about setting up the office in new ways in light of how the work world has changed. As we have shared, our philosophy is that the office needs to be a magnate and not a mandate. From Zoom rooms to new collaborative spaces, we have loved helping our clients figure out the best office strategies so that employees actually do want to come back to the office. 

However, as much as we revive spaces to be more in line with how work gets done today, we still know that 58% of workers say they would “absolutely” look for a new job if they weren’t allowed to continue working remotely in some capacity in their current position. In addition, over 85% of employees said they wanted more help from employers as they adjust to working from home.

Therefore, as much as company leaders need to be thinking about how they turn their offices into a magnate and not a mandate…smart leaders are also realizing that the hybrid model is here to stay, and maybe need to be thinking about employees’ home offices as well. 

The immediate thought is to help fund anything technical to make it easier to log on and log in. At Google, for example, during the pandemic workers could expense up to $1,000 worth of work-from-home gear.

We suggest going beyond just helping employees with better home WiFi connectivity or a sharper webcam. That can be a start. We believe a successful hybrid model requires even more strategies. Here are four examples:

  • Help employees set office hours. As much as we want employees working hard, the ones that never turn work off and don’t separate work life from home life are the first to burn out. Helping employees set boundaries as to when they can and even more so, cannot login from home will still have employees working hard. In fact, we think they’ll be apt to work even smarter.
  • Support workers’ wellness at home. Whether it’s gift certificates to DoorDash to get a healthy meal or reimbursement dollars for at home gym equipment – there is not enough you can do to support employee wellness.
  • Organize virtual happy hours and networking events. This advice likely feels so “Spring 2020” when the world was still locked in doors for weeks and months. However, now that the world is opening up, don’t forget to still find ways to include those who are working remotely. It’s not an either / or – we suggest doing both!
  • Enhance employee’s at-home work environments. This could include standing desks, ergonomic chairs and technological improvements. This would not only give employees adjust to their work-from-home environments, but could encourage productivity by making employees feel more comfortable in their workspace.

Creating hybrid work model strategies is a great way company leaders can empower their employees to work productively and securely, no matter where they sit. Work is everywhere now, and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that it doesn’t always have to be done “at the office”.

Until next time,

​​Brian + Ben

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