The office is quickly changing, and landlords are now faced with the challenge of making their space a magnet for tenants and their employees. While maintaining and renewing tenants still remains at the top of the list, investing in new “perks” such amenities, services, and technologies to draw people back into the office is increasing in popularity. 

When it comes to tenant experiences, health is the highest-value amenity. Landlords have started to embrace on-site health clinics for exclusive use of tenants as a workplace perk. Notable companies such as Tesla, Facebook, Amazon and Apple are among the over half (54%) of employers offering on-site health clinics in the U.S. And the positive results speak for themselves–with companies that have implemented  onsite clinics seeing a 59% increase in employee attraction and retention and 63% decrease in missed work days

HqO, a tenant experience app.

Landlords are also using innovative technologies to improve tenant experience. HqO, a mobile app for tenants that live in Jamestown’s Innovation and Design Building (the IDB). By downloading the app, tenants can receive promotions from local retailers, restaurants, and gyms, updates about events in the building, make appointments at local clinics, and even receive traffic alerts and shuttle access.

Where and how people work will continue to change dramatically over the years. But one thing will remain constant: commercial tenants will always want an environment that improves worker satisfaction and productivity.

What do you think about these perks? Is there a perk more landlords should consider? Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

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