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We’ve combined our 30 years of industry experience with input from world renowned experts to create a proprietary tool and process that looks beyond square footage at a certain price point. 

We believe in looking at the whole picture and follow a simple, yet effective three step process that makes sure we find you the right place where you belong.

Our Process

In Three Steps

We look at everything from workflow to commutes to demographics to sustainability plans – it all matters. 

We don’t just guess either – we use our proprietary diagnostic tool to measure all of these factors and create a custom blueprint for now and into the future.

The result of this step is a confident decision whether to Build, Buy, or Borrow your space. More than that, our time studying your business along with the diagnostic results creates the exact criteria for where you should be, what it should include, what it should look like, how it should flow and much more.

We pride ourselves in doing all of the leg work for you up front so that we only come forth with viable options. Best of all, these options are based on your inputs so that we can be held accountable throughout the process! We make this step look and feel as easy as possible for you. Once we find you the right space and negotiate the right terms, we partner with our team of creative builders and artisans to make it your own and even more so, your home.

While you are busy growing your business, we are staying on top of your lease options, workplace trends, and more to ensure your space continues to best serve the needs of you and your people.

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