Location, location, location… We all know that the location of a retail business plays a significant role in its success, but what about office space? At Monarch, we believe it is just as important! A recent survey found that office relocation had an overall positive impact on 68% of U.S. employees. 

Here are a few things you should consider when looking for the perfect office location: 

Commute-Based Amenities 

Employees want benefits and amenities that help them where it matters. Choosing an office space that is accessible by both public and private transportation is always something to consider when choosing an office space. In addition, commute-based amenities such as bike racks and bike repair stations are another way to ease the stress of commuting and promote employee wellness.

Layout and Design

Employees say they primarily benefit from office relocation by gaining access to a more comfortable space (67%) and more space to accomplish tasks (61%). The look and feel of your office reflect how you value your business and your employees. Key factors to be considered in terms of office design are office layout, natural and artificial lighting, air quality and ventilation, noise and acoustics, look and feel, and proximity to nature (e.g., plants and natural scenery).

Long Term Plans

Long term plans are something many companies overlook when searching for a new office location. If you plan on expanding in the near future, consider searching for a larger building where a landlord has the ability to transfer your lease to a large space if needed.

Finding the perfect office location can feel like a long and challenging process, but it doesn’t have to be. At Monarch, we have simplified this process by developing the Belonging Barometer; a no-cost tool that helps you find where your business belongs and assesses things from your company’s predictable growth to work styles, and technology. Check it out for yourself!

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