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A creative, flexible, new-age approach to real estate. We pride ourselves on delivering a higher level of customized service to fit the unique organizations we partner with. Our strategic approach helps our clients make real-time decisions that meet their locational, operational, cultural and financial objectives both now and into the future. Our comprehensive market knowledge comes from 50+ years of combined industry experience that we will put up against the largest real estate firms anywhere.

Our Services

Our list of our services includes:

  • Tenant Representation
  • Buyer Representation
  • Seller Representation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Development/Site Selection
  • Lease Administration
  • Project Management
  • Opinion of Value
  • Highest/Best Use Studies
  • Market Analytics

Whether you’re relocating, renovating, renewing, restructuring or exiting your property, our in-depth knowledge of commercial real estate will ensure that you have maximum leverage throughout the entire process.

Our Clients


Save a Building and Reinstate the Minnesota Historic Tax Credit

Monarch is advocating for the reinstatement of the Minnesota Historic Tax Credit (MN HTC) program. The company is joining forces with Rethos, RevitalizeMN Coalition, NAIOP and the League of Minnesota Cities as well as brokers, architects and developers, to call on the legistalure to revive the program during the 2023 legislative session.

The Development Tracker

We were so excited to learn that Edwards Dessert Kitchen opened back up a couple weeks ago! While that’s only one example, it feels like businesses are roaring back with each passing month. Just driving around town you can’t help but notice the cranes busy at work...

The Softer Side of Commercial Real Estate | Twin Cities Business Magazine

Monarch is proud to feature in the latest issue of Twin Cities Business magazine as we discuss our Belonging Barometer (B2) tool; which is designed to help clients think about work holistically before choosing a space. From assessing a company’s predictable growth, to...

What to Consider When Relocating Your Office.

Location, location, location… We all know that the location of a retail business plays a significant role in its success, but what about office space? At Monarch, we believe it is just as important! A recent survey found that office relocation had an overall positive...

The Benefit Game is Evolving!

For as long as can be, employers have struggled with what perks to give to employees and when. Many try to play the “fairness” game with the attitude that what you do for one employee you do for all. Others base their perks on performance with a different attitude...

Who’s Hungry? Your Employees

Some people love to pack their own lunch for work every day. It takes the hassle out of figuring out what you want to eat every day – not to mention, saves a lot of money on eating out. Others love to pack their calendars with networking meals where they can do...

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

With the hybrid work becoming the new norm, how can companies support their employees?

Don’t Go Back, Go Forward

Now that the pandemic is lifting, at Monarch we warn employers not to use the phrase, “Going back to work” – even if the physical offices are opening for the first time in a couple of years.  Research shows that employees’ recollection of work and life balance...

Can I Modify My Space in a Commercial Lease?

Recently we heard from a client who took our Belonging Barometer (B2) and it confirmed that her company’s current office set up is not working – or frankly, they were no longer where they “belong.”  Our B2 report affirmed that her company was not leaning into...

Looking Backward, Looking Forward: The Evolution of Commercial Real Estate

Is commercial real estate really dying, or is it just different? The Wall Street Journal released an extensive article this week about the Marketplace Mall in Rochester, N.Y. The story explained how the mall would be scrapping its food court, fashion boutiques and...

Customer Experience is Everything

If you want your customers to feel like they truly belong, creating a unique experience is essential.  We talk a lot about creating spaces where our clients and their employees really belong. We will continue to shed light as well as push the envelope on what it...

2023 Apartment Outlook: the Good, the Bad, the Opportunities!

Earlier today we attended an Apartment Conference put on by the Real Estate Journal. Here are some of the highlights:  Investors & Developers: Want to do deals but they don’t pencil We have to be way more selective and our perspective is much longer meaning...

Transform Your Workspace into a Blue Zone

Understand Blue Zones, their impact and how that can be translated into space.   Healthy space matters.  It is no surprise the workplace demands are shifting and the wellness trends with it. Companies are now focused on employee wellness as a way to improve...

What Makes an Office Building “Healthy”

August is National Wellness Month, and it’s the perfect time to focus on ways in which your space can improve your employees quality of life and well-being.  There’s no question that buildings play a particularly crucial role when it comes to health. According to the...

How Much Office Space Do I need?

When working with a new office tenant one of the first questions we ask is how much space do you need. However, that is not always an easy question to answer. How do you know what that number is? And where do you start?  At Monarch, we can help you plan for the...

How Big Box Retailers are Meeting E-commerce Demand

When it comes to shipping and delivery, consumers have a need for speed. There is no question that Amazon has dominated the e-commerce industry over the last few years with its faster and faster shipping speeds. But how are other contenders–mainly big box...

Social Capital is What Your Employees Need Most

When the pandemic hit and workplaces found themselves at home and logging on, no one seemed to be worried about the youngest group of employees. After all, where the other generations of employees would be described as digital pioneers having to adjust to new...

Real Estate That is Out of This World!

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be changing its name to Meta and explained its foray into the metaverse, the world has been paying more attention. Monarch is no different. Especially when there is so much buzz about companies buying real...

Crossing State Lines?

At Monarch, we have really enjoyed the dialogues around the new office set up as the world defines a new way of working. We know that employees are not coming into the office like they used to, and we have come to accept that remote working options are here to...

It’s All About the Perks

The office is quickly changing, and landlords are now faced with the challenge of making their space a magnet for tenants and their employees. While maintaining and renewing tenants still remains at the top of the list, investing in new “perks” such amenities,...

How Does Your Business Give Back to the Community?

At Monarch, we talk a lot about community. From owners, to partners, to employees and interns, every business has its own very special internal community. But how often does your business play a role in the community outside of the office walls? Building a culture of...

Don’t Make it so Easy to “End Meeting”

One thing virtual meetings have allowed us to do is connect with anyone from anywhere at any time. This has changed the office landscape and as we continuously say, it needs to be a magnate and not a mandate. We have helped our clients look at everything from serving...

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